New currency subscription
LBCcoin Phase one
Start:2023-01-01 13:16:21
End:2023-07-20 13:16:21
Total issuance:250000.000000 USDT
Number:250000.000000 USDT
Project description
limit :100000.000000
Minimum :250000.000000
limit :100.000000
LBC coins are jointly initiated by Wall Street and gocoin exchange, with a limited number of 21,000,000 coins. On June 30, 2023, the first phase will be open for global subscription for a period of 200 days. Subscription coins will be frozen for 30 days and released automatically. After the release, the currency market will open the OKB/USDT trading pair, and the contract market will open the OKB/USDT trading pair trading. Holders of OKB coins will be able to participate in the dividends of gocoin exchange fees, and the price of OKB coins is expected to be 10 times the subscription price.
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